Arduino Projects – Solving Your Own Problems

Some of the best Arduino projects are the ones that serve a purpose to the creator. There’s nothing better than finding a problem, in life and creating your own solution. These projects can then be shared with the world, so they can use or modify them for their own use.

If you don’t know what an Arduino is, it’s an open-source microcontroller, that you can program yourself to control various electronics components. The beauty of it is, that the sky is the limit (within reason, it’s not very fast so you can’t really do fancy graphics processing without some other ‘shield’).

The newest models of Arduino boards are starting to implement ARM processors, which allow more processor intensive tasks such as audio to be achieved. This also allows you do more ‘number-crunching’ behind the scenes.

Many Arduino projects use a simple design to solve a difficult problem. A lot of Arduino projects are aimed at home automation, sometimes useful and sometimes more for comedic value or ‘proof of concept’.

The Arduino forums are a good place to get help with your projects if you have any issues or give any advice if you get stuck. There are loads of good resources around the web. I’m going to showcase some of my favourite projects here, but you can find other examples of Arduino projects around the web.


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